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New Classes - on 7th Oct 2014 – discount on the day

New Tai Chi for Beginners Class – commencing on 7th Oct 2014 at 8 PM – discount available if enrolling on that day only! Don’t miss out on this great offer!


Come and join Dr Paul Lam and his friends on your journey to become more relaxed, improve your health and wellness.


Enrollments will be taken for this new class at 6.30 pm every Tuesday, starting 7th October 2014. The class will commence at 8PM and run for one hour, every Tuesday from 7th October until 18th November 2014. Anyone can join Tai Chi for Beginners (leads to the most popular 24 Forms). Click here for more information.


To find out what benefits you will gain by joining us, click on the video below. Better Health Tai Chi Chuan is a not-for-profit Organisation dedicated to empower people to improve health and wellness. Founded by Dr Paul Lam, it has been providing enjoyable classes to learn and grow through Tai Chi since 1984.


Virtual Instructional DVDs by Dr Paul Lam

You can use Dr Lam’s step by step learner friendly instructional DVDs – the next best thing to attending class. They are also very useful to help learning and progression in tai chi. For more information contact us  at Dr Lam’s production office or phone 02 95336511.

New Classes

From 7th Oct 8 pm Tuesday weekly, ring 9533 6511 for a brochure or Contact us.


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You are welcome to come to our classes to talk to us and our participants before 8 pm, Contact us for more information.



Contact us or ring 9533 6511 for any inquiries.


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