Instructor Profiles

Dr Paul Lam – Chief Instructor

Dr Paul Lam, a retired Australian family physician, is an well recognised tai chi teacher and researcher. Dr Paul Lam is the author and co-author of 24 papers published in peer reviewed journals, and has written four books: “Overcoming Arthritis”; “Tai Chi for Diabetes”; “Tai Chi for Beginners and the 24 Forms” and “Teaching Tai Chi Effectively”, as well as many best seller instructional DVDs. He led his team of medical and tai chi experts to create the Tai Chi for Health programs.


The Center for Disease Control and Prevention ( recommends Dr Lam’s Tai Chi program. Many health departments and organisations such as Arthritis Foundation support his programs. By 2014, over five million people around the world practice one of his Tai Chi for Health programs every day.


Dr Paul Lam
+61-2 95336511  I f +61-2 9534 4311 | 6 Fisher Place, Narwee, NSW, 2209, Australia |



Daniel Baranowski

Found Tai Chi almost by accident and has been hooked ever since. Daniel has been teaching for a number of years and enjoys helping people develop and deepen their understanding of the forms




Fiona Black

Is a former physical education teacher who is delighted to have discovered Tai Chi. In my new career as a fitness leader TCA gave me a gentle exercise program for the seniors I taught. I am now addicted to tai chi in all its forms.





Angela Cantafio

I have been an  instructor for BHTCC since 1997, I feel privileged to be part of a well-organised group of liked minded tai chi aficionados, where we can share inspiration, comradeship and lots of fun. Have tucked in my belt a few gold, silver and bronzes over the years in friendly competitions in Australia & overseas.



Carol Cheung

Carol Cheung – a retired public servant who found tai chi many years ago as a last resort to manage a badly sprained shoulder and fell in love with the tai chi philosophy. Carol has been an instructor in Better Health since 1997 and coordinates tai chi demonstrations for various charities.

John Chew

John is one of our most experienced instructors who is also a Master Trainer of the Tai Chi for Health programs. He spends a lot of time teaching at various workshops & is an enthusiastic teacher of Tai Chi for Health.





Janet Cromb

Janet has been practising as a general practitioner (family physician) for the past 27 years. She began her tai chi journey at Dr Lams’ Better Health Tai Chi Chuan school, and has been an instructor there since 2002. She is committed to tai chi as both a health modality and a life journey, and became a Master Trainer in order to facilitate the spread of the many health benefits to a wider population.



Ian Etcell

Ian is familiar with many styles and set of forms. His specialty is at analysing the inner structure and principles of tai chi. Ian is the vice-president of Better Health Tai Chi Chuan and has been invited to teach tai chi in Canada and USA. He has represented Australia in the 4th World Wushu Championship in Hong Kong.



John Gough

John has studied tai chi with the aid of Dr Paul Lam, and his Senior Instructor Team, at Better Health Tai Chi Chuan, for some years. Through his journey he has come to experience the health benefits, to himself, and many others, through the regular practise of the “Tai Chi for Health” programs. John has participated in numerous TCH workshops, is a Senior TCH Trainer, an instructor with BHTCC, and serves on the Governing Board of TCHI. He has developed his own classes taking the “Tai Chi for Health” programs out to the community.



Barbara Grimley

I made my decision to join BHTCC in 1991, thus my Tai chi journey began & continues to grow into a ‘lifetime journey’. Tai chi has stood me in good stead over all these years in many ways. The joy of spreading the word, helping & sharing with others & the fulfilment this ancient art brings, is wonderful indeed. To be involved in teaching 24 Yang ‘beginners’ is inspiring & humbling, observing ‘beginner students’ at completion of their first year & returning the next year with enthusiasm to take them on their own tai chi journey hopefully throughout their lifetime. My favourite forms are 24 Yang & the combined 42 form, hard to pick a favourite form really they all have their own merits, when you are a tai chi ‘devotee’ you are completely focused, that is another wonderful benefit of tai chi, it is extremely beneficial for your mind.




Serene Harris

I started my Tai Chi journey way back in Singapore after watching my late mother did a graceful movement of Yang Style. Being an enthusiast dancer, I envisioned Tai Chi as a form of beautiful controlled dance routine which brings inner peace and serenity. The joy of sharing my Tai Chi started me teaching in BHTCC & several other community projects. The highlight of teaching is seeing improvement from participants in their health and the big smile on their faces when they walked out of my class. I have collected several medals competing in Tai Chi both international & local level. I am also the disciple of Master Zhang Yong Tao from Beijing, Back to top making me the 6th lineage of the Yang Family.



Julie King

To be completed soon…….



Indria Lee

Is a fitness instructor who almost gave up Tai Chi because she found it too slow. However, she persevered and is now a very enthusiastic teacher of a variety of forms and really appreciates the health benefits of Tai Chi.





Lilin Loo

Having spent a lifetime career poring over technical documents and working on the computer, I found a new lease in life with Tai Chi.
With the discovery of the delights that Tai Chi offered, it has since been a journey of increasing fascination. With each passing year I have learnt more and have continued to strive towards understanding and incorporating the principles of Tai Chi in daily life. The interest with Tai Chi has become a passion and I now enjoy sharing the knowledge with others through teaching.



Brenda Luck

Brenda began Tai Chi in 2006 and, under the guidance of Dr Lam and the Master Trainers at BHTCC, has a love of all forms.  Brenda, as an instructor, has enjoyed giving back something to help others gain as much as she has both in body and mind.  Brenda realised  early in her Tai Chi journey that you never stop learning and the longer you do Tai Chi the more fascinated you become with it.

Dianne McGrath

To be completed soon….



Peter Ng

Peter is an enthusiastic & experienced teacher who has taught at a number of workshops. He teaches a variety of forms and has received a lot of expert training overseas.



Marta Vegenas

Marta Venegas has worked as a nurse for 15 years and health and wellbeing for all has always been important to her. It therefore was a natural decision to become a registered fitness instructor in 2000. Marta attended her first tai chi class in 1998 and immediately fell in love. She joined Better Health Tai Chi Chuan (Sydney) in 2001 and has since then has learnt 24 Yang style, Combined 42-form, Sun 73-form, TaiChi fan and Sword 32-form and taichi for health program.

Marta became an instructor for BHTCC in 2007. She considered it an honor to be part of the teaching team that assists Dr Paul Lam in conducting workshops in Sydney annually, Melbourne 2014 and New Zealand once every two years since 2010. Marta is a Senior Trainer for Tai Chi for Health Institute.



Pat Webber

Pat has been an instrutor at the school for 20 years and teaches a number of different forms. She has trained extensively with Dr Paul Lam, and has taught tai chi interstate and overseas. She also gives frequent talks on the health benefits of tai chi.

Sybil Wong

Sybil has been a major driving force for the annual tai chi workshop and an experienced and versatile teacher at the school. The tai chi forms she has taught at the school include 24 forms, 32 sword, 42 sword, 36 Chen, 42 Forms and the Yang style 40 forms. In her spare time she works as a pharmacist, manager for three medical centers, mother and wife. Amazingly she always has time for everyone, her friends in the school believe she should be an ideal coach for time management.

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