Sydney Classes

– You can enrol on any Tuesday 6.45 pm from 4th February 2020 until October.


St George Girls High School (Gymnasium)
Victoria Street, Kogarah, NSW 2217
(Entrance via Harrow Road, Kogarah)


7 – 8 pm

Classes for new and return participants/ student

  • Tai Chi for Life, Tai Chi for Beginners leading to the 24 Forms
  • Tai Chi for Health:  Tai Chi for Arthritis
  • Exploring the Depth of the 24 Forms
  • The Combined 48 Forms

8 – 9 pm

For advanced participants/ student 

  • The Combined 42 Forms
  • Chen Fundamentals

New Intake

5th February at 6.30pm for 7.00 pm class.

To download an enrolment form


For any enquiries and enrollment:

Fiona Black
Email: or

Ph: 02 9533 6511


$90 – per term of 2 months
$75 – Spouse of an enrolled member
$55 – concession (pensioners and students)

 What type of classes do we teach?

You can learn Dr Lam’s evidenced based Tai Chi for Health programs as well as other internationally recognised Tai Chi sets and forms. Over 35 scientific studies have proven Dr Lam’s programs are safe and effective for health improvement. It is supported by Arthritis Foundation of Australia, America and UK, also recommended by many health departments including NSW, Victoria and SA. The Center of Disease Control and Prevention recommends Dr Lam’s program.

Forms and style of tai chi we teach including:

  • Tai Chi for Arthritis by Dr Paul Lam – this program is easy to learn, proven to improve health and quality of life. It is supported by Arthritis Foundations worldwide.
  • The 24 Forms – the world’s most popular Tai Chi Form based on Yang Style, suitable for almost anyone.
  • Exploring the depth of the 24 Forms
  • Chen Style 36 Forms – contains all the characteristic and techniques of Chen style combining vigorous and soft movements, fastness and slowness intermixed, suitable for people looking for more challenging tai chi.
  • Sun Style 73 Forms – contains unique and powerful Qigong (exercise for vitality) ideal for self-growth and healing. It is relatively easy to learn, with great depth to keep practitioners’ interest for years.
  • Sword Forms
  • Yang style 40 Forms